Digital business card maker

Digital business card maker

Attention: Export your digital business card as JPEG or PNG format to print or share with anyone.

Interest: Print your CJ's cool new design on paper.

Desire: Tailor-fit this card for your specific job by adding your company logo, photo, video, and more.

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Interest: Do you want to build your personal brand? Do you want to be seen as an expert in the field? Do you want to give your business a professional touch? Look no further than our digital business card maker!

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Attention: Digital business card maker

Interest: Digital business card maker

Desire: Create your business card in minutes

Action: Create your digital business card

Fixcard is a digital business card, which can be viewed from any device. It is a handy size and can be scanned on a phone first thing in the morning or last thing at night.

The first impression is everything and this first impression starts with a business card. But business card size cards have been feeling the pinch of shrinking wallets, purses and bags for decades now. There has been so much going on in terms of shifting trends such as phablets and devices with bigger screens that it’s no surprise that most people now prefer to conduct their lives digitally.

But what happens when you need to present your contact information fast? You need to whip out your phone, unlock it, find your app or contacts list and then find the right person before presenting them with your

Digital business card size is the new trend. It has become popular among entrepreneurs and marketers alike.

Fixcard offers a service that allows its customers to upload a photo and a brief bio into a digital business card size, which is then sent to their email address or physical address.

Fixcard is a card-sized device that allows people to store their digital information on it.

Fixcard has the potential to replace our wallets, phones, keys and more.

The Fixcard team has created an all-in-one product that will allow people to store the important data they need in one place. The card can hold up to 3GB of data, including photos, videos and more.

For the digital age, our project is a digital business card. As a business person, you know that the appearance of your business card shouldn't be neglected. A digital business card can be used for all of your professional needs. It is available to download on any mobile device and it can be shared on social media sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook.

The business cards are dead. Modern professionals are more likely to use LinkedIn, Facebook, or an app to find each other. This is why we created the digital business card for professionals. All the information you need about a person in one place - contact info, social media profiles, work experience, education history. With our product, you'll never have to worry about forgetting someone's email address or needing to resend your business card - you can just send them a link!

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